It is with great sadness we are sharing with you that Bruce passed away on Friday, December 3. Bruce was a most beloved member of our Dover Foundation family.

Bruce will be remembered by all of us as outgoing and gregarious and so much fun to be around. He was a talented actor, musician and exceptionally gifted director. If you were fortunate enough to be in a play or musical that Bruce directed you know how generous he was with his time, attention and praise. He brought out the best in all of us and that is a very rare gift.

Bruce's involvement with The Dover Foundation continued a family legacy. Bruce's mother Barbara von Rosenvinge was an early member of The Dover Foundation and was both musical composer and director. Bruce followed in his mother's footsteps and often attributed his love of musical theater to his mother and her encouragement.

Bruce so very positively touched the lives of all who had the privilege to work with him and he will always be remembered by us for his gift of laughter and love. He leaves a legacy of memories and will be so very missed by all.

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